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My name is Ashkan Mirzaee [ash ka:n] [mir za: -ee]. It is a Persian name, natively written as اشکان میرزایی. I was born and grew up in Iran, and moved to US in 2014.

I graduated from University of Missouri with a MS in Industrial Engineering in 2017. At the same year I began working toward my PhD in Operations Research and Statistics, under the advisement of Dr. Ronald McGarvey at University of Missouri. I expect to graduate by December of 2021.

Currently, I am investigating questions related to the environmental impacts of generating bioenrgy on US, as well as forecasting optimal levels of biomass generation and its effects under alternative future US policies. I have published one peer reviewed article in Nature: Scientific Reports (here) along with two articles currently under review and additional in-progress research. My research involves statistical analysis, visualization, and developing data analysis applications using Python, R, Bash, and Git. My research scripts and documentation are available on my GitLab (here).

I am also a Cyberinfrastructure Engineer (CIE) at University of Missouri Research Computing Support Services. As a CIE, I assist researchers in implementing their computational workflows by offering solutions and scripts in Bash, Python, R and other tools. I provide documentation and training in the use of a high-performance computing along with installing software and developing applications to facilitate access to the cluster resources. I keep the developed codes and tools on my GitHub (here).

You may find further information about my education and work background in my CV.